What’s the most efficient way to get experience?

Now that experience does something besides render regions of a server uninhabitable due to orb lag, what’s the most efficient and safe way to get those excellent enchants?

A mob farmer may rank highly, but what about without tons of setup?


I made a pretty quick and dirty XP farm as such:

Find a zombie spawner, punch out all the blocks around it, leave 3ish blocks of space all around it, making a big dark room around the spawner.

Put water source(s) at one end of the room, pulling every zombie that drops to the other side of the room. Make a 1-wide hallway for the water to flow into. Where the water stream ends, put in a 1×1 vertical shaft for the zombie to drop down (place this RIGHT AFTER the water, don’t let water flow down the hole).

Make the bottom of the “tube” out of glass so you can see the zombies inside the “kill zone”. Leave a single block at the bottom so that you can swing your sword at the zombie’s feet.

I made my vertical shaft high enough to take away ALMOST all the zombie’s health. If the fall kills them, no XP bubbles. I got mine to the perfect height that I can 1-shot all the zombies with a stone sword (you wouldn’t believe how fast this goes through swords).

Hope my description isn’t gibberish, I’ll get some screenshots later if this isn’t clear. =)

   S   <-zombie spawner   |
                        | |  <- vertical shaft - experiment with height
                        | |
                        G G  <- glass
                        G G
                             <- air for swinging sword
                    xxxxxxxx <- floor

Source : Link , Question Author : Nick T , Answer Author : Riking

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