What’s the point of leveling up in Minecraft?

Starting with beta 1.8 prerelease, Minecraft players earn XP when they kill mobs!

What are the benefits of leveling up? More health? More damage? Larger inventory?


Leveling up is currently used for 2 things: Score, and enchanting.


1 orb == 1 point. This score is displayed upon death (and possibly game completion. I haven’t gotten that far :P).


As you collect orbs, your experience bar fills. Everytime it gets completely full, it empties and you level up. In this screenshot, the player is level 1.

enter image description here

Once you have an enchantment table, you can spend your experience on enchantments. These give one of your tools a special ability, such as a chance to not take any wear each time you use it, and additional harvesting speed.

Enchantments cost 1 to 3 levels depending on the type of enchantment, but you must be a certain level to access each one. The highest tier appears to require you to be at or above level 30 to use, while still only costing 3 levels per enchantment.

One thing to note is that as of Release 1.8 enchantments also cost 1-3 pieces of Lapis Lazuli depending on the enchantment.

Every enchantment has a cost paid in levels. I.e. Level 2 enchantments cost 2 levels of experience. In my screenshot above, the player can only buy level 1 enchantments, because he’s only level 1. By default, you can get up to level 5 enchantments with an enchantment table. Placing bookshelves around your table will unlock higher level enchantments.

Your experience is reset when you die, although you do drop some experience orbs, which can be recovered like anything else you drop, assuming you find your death spot. The amount dropped is 7 times your level, up to 100, or enough to reach level 5.

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