What’s the point of using a pistol?

I have never used a pistol, ever.

The damage is too low. I just do not see what the point is in either the original XCOM or the remake.


Useful applications of the pistol

  • Snipers can use the pistol on a turn that they move and can be more accurate than a rifle at close range

  • Shotgunners can be more accurate at range

  • Characters that are out of ammo can keep firing instead of reloading on a critical turn

  • When pistol damage is enough to finish off an enemy, you can conserve ammo in main weapon to postpone the need to reload.
  • If you’re trying to stun an enemy for live capture, a pistol can get their hit points down low enough to use the arc thrower without killing them. (Hat tip to @JasonBerkan)

Source : Link , Question Author : user4951 , Answer Author : Jaydles

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