What’s the proper way to deal with someone who Team Kills and harasses you constantly in Starcraft 2?

What can be done against individuals who Team Kills (TK) in games of Starcraft 2?

I don’t play the game too much, but it seems this individual does and sometimes we’re paired up as teammates in 3v3 quick matches. I believe the first time we paired up together we didn’t win and I was blamed for the loss by the individual (maybe this was true– I’m still trying to learn the game). Apparently this person remembers my SC2 screen name, and in subsequent games together the individual calls out that he will TK me and rushes my base with his units to kill off my buildings, and everyone on my team taking the loss.

It seems like harassment and abuse to me. This individual is taking the game a little too seriously. Is there a place to report this? Does Blizzard have any policies against this kind of poor sportsmanship?

If I could, I wouldn’t ever pair up with kind of player, but the Battle.net system keeps pairing us up!


Sadly there is no method by which you can prevent being matched with another player without breaking ToU, however Team Killing is a form of harassment and can get you banned if reported. I would suggest you contact blizzard support as soon as possible.

Webform: Email Form

For detailed information on how to contact Account Administration visit the Account Administration page.

For assistance with StarCraft II in other regions such as Europe, Korea, or China, please refer to our International Support Contact page.

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