What’s the total size of all games I have on Steam?

I have a lot of games on Steam, far more than my puny hard drive can hold at once. However, in the future I may want to store all of them locally.

Is there any way to figure out about how much hard drive space I’ll need to install all of my Steam games, including the ones that I don’t currently have installed, without sitting down with a calculator and manually adding everything up?


Not to bump an old thread unnecessarily, but I just finished building the tool I think you’re looking for:


Your profile has to be public and it’s not perfect, but should give you a pretty close idea of what kind of hard drive space you’ll need to install your entire collection (or on multiple drives, per Steam’s new feature to specify install location).


[Edit] Just realized a screencap might be nice:

Typical results from MySteamGauge.com

Source : Link , Question Author : Tacroy , Answer Author : jprusik

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