When do my soldiers gain ranks?

Soldiers gain experience from killing enemies. At what experience levels do the soldiers advance to the next rank?


As this wiki page suggests (game mechanism tuning, did not tested myself), there is a XP chart for your soldiers:

Soldier XP Levels (Rookie, Squaddie, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel)  
  - m_iSoldierXPLevels=0  
  - m_iSoldierXPLevels=90 
  - m_iSoldierXPLevels=300  
  - m_iSoldierXPLevels=510  
  - m_iSoldierXPLevels=745
  - m_iSoldierXPLevels=1100  
  - m_iSoldierXPLevels=1560 
  - m_iSoldierXPLevels=2150

Though kills does not make all. It does bring experience, as stated in Does the type of kill matter for promotion?, but all your promoted soldiers did not necessarily killed a target. It can be assumed that participating to a kill also grants some experience.

Furthermore, I think there is a mission bonus awarded to each surviving soldier.

There are also bonus that can be bought through the soldier academy: wet work that increase the amount of experience gained and the new soldier auto-squaddie promotion come to my mind.

Source : Link , Question Author : SaintWacko , Answer Author : Community

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