When “extending” my desktop across multiple monitors, how can I limit my mouse to one monitor when playing full-screen?

I have two monitors, and I often use the “extend” mode to work on both simultaneously as a large desktop. When playing games full-screen only one monitor is used, and that’s fine.

However, I would like to use the other monitor to still work and display some other application windows. The problem is that with many games, moving the mouse to the edge of the primary monitor can cause it to move to the other monitor, and thus leave the game window. This is very troubling when using games where I need to move the mouse to the edge of the monitor in order to scroll the view. In these cases I am forced to disable the secondary monitor for the duration of my gameplay.

Is there any way to “trap” the mouse inside the game window, i.e. to prevent it from moving to another monitor as long as the game is in focus, so that only alt-tabbing away will allow the mouse to move there?


Here are some more mouse-trap applications, like CSMMT which Shaun’s answer mentioned, that trap your mouse cursor in one screen of a multi-monitor setup:

I can’t vouch for any of these, but you can try them out. You can also search for more with keywords “multi monitor trap mouse” or similar.

Source : Link , Question Author : Oak , Answer Author : Wikwocket

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