When should I replace my companion?

I’m level 27, and I’ve been adventuring with Lydia for most of my game. I find she gets the job done, and most importantly taunts mobs off me if that happens enough for me to take out smaller mobs.

If my companion is working for me, is there ever a reason to switch him or her out for a new companion? Better attributes? More compatible companions later on?


Both the Skyrim Wiki and UESP gives you a list of followers by the skills they tend to have.

Not all companions are the same. Some hate it when you break laws while others don’t care if you go on a murder rampage right in front of them.

Every companion’s stats is different since it depends on the level of the player when you meet them, but they all favor one of three types:

  • Warriors like heavy armor, one/two handed, shield, etc
  • Thieves favor one handed, archery, light armor, sneak, etc
  • Mages favor spells over everything else

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