Where are all the yellow-triangle puzzles? What are they for?

As you walk around the island, you occasionally come across simple puzzle-panels that aren’t attached to anything. They all have a single yellow triangle in them, and no matter what solution you give, the puzzle gives a “correct” noise.

I assume they’re all connected in some sort of larger puzzle.

  • Where are they all?
  • What are they for? (spoiler-free if possible)


There is a way to figure out where these puzzles are in game. I’ll give some progressive hints about it so you can try to discover it yourself.

Hint 1:

The game has a built-in map somewhere in the world itself (not the boat map!)

Hint 2:

It’s a body of water

Hint 3:

The lake by the town is a map of the entire island

Hint 4:

Bright orange leaves in the lake represent orange arrow puzzles you have not found, dark orange leaves represent ones you’ve found.

Source : Link , Question Author : BlueRaja – Danny Pflughoeft , Answer Author : Matt Rix

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