Where are the Act 3 lore books?

D3’s lore books are broken into People, Quest, Bestiary, and World lore book categories, though they are discovered in areas/zones, not by those categories. You’ll see the one I’m missing below (“Battlefield Reports”), but I thought it would be more useful to make a full list instead of only asking for the one I need. Where are the Act 3 lore books, and when do they appear?

Bestiary People World Quest


This forum post includes details on how to find most but not all of the lore books for “Primary Sources”, “History of Arreat” and “Espionage”.

Primary Sources

Bloodstained Letter – The Keep (Needs confirmation)

Ghom’s Log – The Larder

Journal of Hansan Haile, Captain – Bastion’s Keep Stronghold, near Vidar

Leah’s Journal (13-16) – The Armory, below Leah

Morgan’s Journal (1-3) – Morgan’s Satchel, Skycrown Battlements/Stonefort


Battlefield Reports – Battlefields (walk backwards from Bridge of Korsikk, fallen soldier has blue exclamation point above head)

Orders from Azmodan (1-6) – Messenger of Azmodan (Skycrown Battlements, Stonefort, The Keep, The Battlefields, Fields of Slaughter, Arreat Crater)

Historian of Arreat

Fall of the Barbarians (1-5) – Misplaced Packs, The Keep

The History of Bastion’s Keep – Librarian’s Scrolls, The Keep

For the beast lore, I believe it is fairly straightforward to obtain by killing all the new monsters in Act 3, but I will look for a good source. It is difficult to describe their locations since many are randomly generated.

Source : Link , Question Author : Wolf , Answer Author : Community

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