Where are the StarCraft 2 replay videos stored and can I share them?

I wanted to send a copy of a replay video to a friend of mine but cannot find the StarCraft 2 video folder.

Are these stored locally or on Battle.net?

Regardless of where they are stored how can I share these replay videos?


Yes, they are in a directory such as:

C:\Documents\StarCraft II\Accounts\[number]\[other]\Replays

The cool thing is that the replay files themselves are quite small (11-15 KB on my computer) so it should be easy to email and share. Another cool thing is that SC2 registers the “.SC2Replay” file extension, so all you need to do is double click on the file to play it – you (or your friend) don’t even need to copy it into their own “Replays” directory.

Source : Link , Question Author : ahsteele , Answer Author : Marc Novakowski

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