Where can I find Alien Alloys?

I rushed Magnetic Weapons research, and to my dismay found that I can’t actually build any magnetic weapons in engineering because I don’t have any alien alloys.

I know in the first game that shooting down UFOs was a good source of them, but near as I can tell I’m not doing any UFO blasting in this game. Not yet anyway.

Is there anything I can do to hunt down alloys (like choosing certain mission types), or am I just kind of screwed for rushing Magnetic Weapons too early?


There are five ways I know of to acquire Alien Alloys, ordered from most to least reliable:

  • Cleaning rooms – The rooms on the lower levels of the Avenger will reward you with some units of alloy when cleaned out.
  • Black market – The black market will often offer you alloys in exchange for intel.
  • Map drops – From time to time “activities of interest” will appear on the global map which reward you some alloy when scanned for a few days.
  • Mission Rewards – Sometimes you will receive missions to raid a supply convoy or a landed UFO. These will reward you with alloy.
  • Hacking rewards – Sometimes you can get some alloy as a reward for successful hacking.

Source : Link , Question Author : Sterno , Answer Author : Philipp

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