Where can I find EULAs for games BEFORE I purchase them?

After impulse buying NFS: Hot Pursuit for €6.8, I noticed that Steam needed me to accept its EULA. That EULA mentioned I might have to install EA Download Manager Origin to get some content. I was not exactly pleased to learn this — given the previous press coverage about EA and Valve, I thought this kind of stuff wouldn’t be allowed on games for Steam, but I digress.

Had I known the game had a custom EULA that needed to be accepted after the game was purchased (which is silly, because if you reject it Steam still won’t refund you), my impulse buying would have been… fairly reduced. So I see a business point in hiding the fact there’s this custom EULA.

Now, for the gamers’ point of view: where can I find the games’ EULAs before I buy those games? I’ve tried googling them in the past, but it’s a fairly difficult endeavor in general. Yet, I feel they do matter, and should weigh in on the buy or skip decisions of games.

Are there ad-hoc sites, or good general search queries that may match whatever kind of alternative wordings (EUALA, etc.) a few companies have started using too?


To answer your particular problem, though not your question, I’ve usually seen a warning on the store page for games on Steam if they contain extra DRM. For example, for Tropico 4: Steam special edition, the store page mentions

3rd-party DRM: Requires a Kalypso account

For NFS, it’s weird that the need to install Origin in order to play is not mentioned. When asking for a refund, I’d certainly mention this.

Source : Link , Question Author : badp , Answer Author : Adriano Varoli Piazza

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