Where can I find LEGO-like building plans for Minecraft? [closed]

I like to build stuff in Minecraft, but I’m not the most creative person. I had the same problem with LEGO, but still had fun building stuff from these building plans. Those also gave me ideas which could fuel my lacking creativity after a bit.

Is there anything like the building plans that come with the LEGO boxes for Minecraft? A site where I can find good step by step plans which are clear and easy to follow?


Youtube is your friend. It’s the best place to find out how to make structures, or at least get inspiration.

Here is an example of a house building tutorial.

Otherwise there is minedraft for 2D schematics drawings. I don’t know if there is a library of minedraft schematics though.

A schematic

Above is an example of a schematic.

Source : Link , Question Author : Svish , Answer Author : Community

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