Where can I find some prostitutes in Grand Theft Auto?

In order to complete 100% of the game, you must get serviced by a prostitute. The problem is, I can’t seem to find any. The one time I did a message came up on the screen stating something to the effect, “You cannot pickup a prostitute in this vehicle”.

  • What requirements must be met to pick up a prostitute?
  • If I recall, I only found this one at night time, can I find them during the day too?
  • How much does one cost?


Vehicle Requirements: Since Grand Theft Auto IV, Prostitutes have had specific requirements for cars that they can do their “magic” in. They cannot be picked up in the following vehicles:

  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Bikes (for obvious reasons)
  • Buses

Some vehicles are restricted due to size, as it can be heard that “I bet you’re flexible, but not in here,” or “I think this car is a little too small for that…”

Also, some prostitutes are called Luxury or Popular prostitutes, and you need a flashy, expensive car to pick them up.

Just basically use a generic civilian car.

Time Requirements: Prostitutes are only findable at night, as it seems like it is only then when they show their true colors.

Hooker Locations

Cost: Prostitutes are very cheap, with 3 options for services, costing you $50, $70, or $100. All 3 have different lengths and descriptions.

Note: You can kill them afterwards to get your money back.

Make sure you take them to a secluded place, be generous, make sure you use protection, and good luck with the ladies!


Source : Link , Question Author : C-dizzle , Answer Author : fredley

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