Where can I find the source code for Dungeon Defenders?

According to the wiki, the PC version of Dungeon Defenders comes with the “gameplay code and source” for UDK, for the purposes of modding.

However, it’s not listed in the usual place (“Tools” in Steam), and I can’t find any other info online. Where is the source code?


You can find the optional DLC where the source code is located here, or you can find it under the DLC tab in the store page.

Now you can find the source code located at \Steam\steamapps\common\dungeon defenders\Development\Src\

\Development\Src: This contains all the gameplay source code for Dungeon Defenders (in UnrealScript, which you can learn through the Unreal Developer Network). It’s located here for Mod coding & reference purposes in particular.


Source : Link , Question Author : BlueRaja – Danny Pflughoeft , Answer Author : mordi2k

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