Where did I get 3 deaths from?

I just finished my first WotC game, and there’s an interesting anomaly in the ending stats: “3 soldiers killed”. I do not remember ever losing a soldier in this game, but it says I lost 3. The world average is apparently 8, which is odd given that I’m on Veteran difficulty.

Some theories:

  • It’s counting the bonus soldiers left at the end of missions. Possible, but I know that I’ve never lost any of these either. And I’ve gotten more than 3 of these.
  • It’s counting the Resistance soldiers in retaliation strikes. 3 sounds like a good number for how many of those were killed throughout my campaign.

So what events are counted by the “soldiers killed” stat, other than an XCOM soldier dying?


The two things included in the soldiers killed metric are:

  1. KIA members of your squad (not resistance soldiers added via the resistance order, nor the fighters on retaliation strikes).

  2. Mind-controlled enemies. When a unit under your control dies, it counts under that statistic. Edit from comments: Enemy machines destroyed while under your control also count.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nissa , Answer Author : Roijan says reinstate Monica

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