Where do confiscated items go?

After getting caught stealing a few things in skyrim, I noticed that most of the stolen items got confiscated. However, when I went back to the original place of the item, it was gone.

So my question is, does the confiscated items get stored somewhere specific, or are there no way of getting them back?


When they’re confiscated, they’re placed in an evidence chest. These chests can be found in the jails themselves and in guard houses.

If you have the chutzpah, you can re-enter the jail once you serve your time and seek it out. It’s usually around the same area as the belongings chest: the location is different depending on the jail, but checking the barracks or the entrances (or even sometimes right next to your cell) are generally a good bet.

Source : Link , Question Author : mordi2k , Answer Author : Community

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