Where do I find Leah’s journal?

I found Part 1 of Leah’s journal in her room of the Slaughtered Calf Inn. Where do I find the remaining parts? And how many parts are there?


Leah has 16 journals. They respawn in the same places in the first three acts, new journals taking the previous journal’s place (so get them while you can). You can return to previous chapters if need be.

Act 1’s Tristram journals 1-7 are on a table in Leah’s Room, a room in the back of the Inn.

  • Part 1: during The Fallen Star (Quest 1)
  • Part 2: during The Legacy of Cain (before entering the Cathedral—Quest 2)
  • Part 3: during A Shattered Crown (Quest 3)
  • Part 4: during Sword of the Stranger (Quest 5)
  • Part 5: during The Broken Blade (Quest 6)
  • Part 6: during The Doom in Wortham (Quest 7)
  • Part 7: during Trailing the Coven (Quest 8)
    Act 1 Act 1

Act 2’s Caldeum journals 1-5 (8-12 in the old scheme) are on a table in the east of in the town.

  • Part 1: during the last part of Shadows in the Desert (Quest 1)
  • Part 2: during City of Blood (Quest 3)
  • Part 3: during Betrayer of the Horadrim (Quest 6)
  • Part 4: during The Black Soulstone (Quest 8)
  • Part 5: during The Scouring of Caldeum (Quest 9)
    Act 2 Act 2

Act 3’s Keep journals 1-4 (13-16 in the old scheme) are in the southeast room of the Armory (the room in the town’s southeast corner with Adria/Leah)

  • Part 1: during The Siege of Bastion’s Keep (Quest 1)
  • Part 2: during Turning the Tide (Quest 2)
  • Part 3: during the middle part of The Breached Keep (Find the Breach – Quest 3)
  • Part 4: during Heart of Sin (Quest 7)
    Act 3 Act 3

There are many lore books. You can check your book collection progress from the achievement list (press Y). Leah’s journals are listed under Campaign > Acts 1-3 in the “People lore book” achievement.
Achievement list

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