Where do I find my 26 character CD key?

I recently opened my dusty box of old games and was excited to find my original CD keys for Diablo II and Diablo II Lord of Destruction. A helpful person on this site pointed out that I could enter my keys on battle.net and download a modern version of the game compatible with my OS. I did that, but now when the installer asks me for my CD key it mentions a 26 character key, and the key on my CD case is not nearly that long. I’m looking at the case and it’s clearly a 16 digit sequence. Do I pad that with zeros, or is there somewhere else I can find the key I need?


You can log in to battle net and go to


(eu or us shouldn’t matter)

Click on Diablo II, you’ll be taken to the page with the key(screenshot is in Italian, but that shouldn’t be a problem):

Diablo key

Source : Link , Question Author : EBongo , Answer Author : Kappei

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