Where is Heimskr’s House?

I have a burglary mission that’s targeting Heimskr’s House in Whiterun. However, the objective does not show up on the map. I’ve pickpocketed Heimskr to get the key to his house, so I know it must exist somewhere. Could somebody point me in the right direction?

There is one house not far from the Gildegreen tree that’s been boarded up at least since the Stormcloak invasion, and cannot be entered. Please tell me this isn’t it?


Unfortunately it looks like that is it. If you are on the PC there is hope!

There is a bug involving a Thieves Guild quest you get when asking for extra work. If you have already participated in the quest Battle for Whiterun it becomes impossible to enter his house, this is due to the rubble situated in front of the door. This is problematic when given a quest to steal something from his house. On the PC this is fixable with the console using the setstage command. Another possibility is to type “coc WhiterunHeimskrsHouse” into the console, then you get teleported inside Heimskr’s House. To get outside you can easily use the door of the house.

Another option is to download the Unofficial Skyrim Patch

Source : Link , Question Author : Iszi , Answer Author : Community

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