Where to locate png for nether portal in assets

Where do I locate the png for nether portal blocks? I have already changed end portals to be entirely green but I cant locate nether portals. what file would it be in?


Assuming you are using a texturepack (not the default Minecraft textures, ex Conquest of the Sun texture pack), and on a version 1.9 or higher.

In the texturepack .zip file, go to


And you’ll find a portal.png file. Edit it to change the texture.

This file usually consists in several images stacked vertically, to be able to add an animation effect to the portal.

If you are using default Minecraft textures, you can find the textures_0.png (and following textures_1.png, 2, 3…) file in the following folder :


The portal texture is in around the middle, in the 17th column and 7th line.

Source : Link , Question Author : MyTreeko78255 , Answer Author : elFlashor

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