Which champions are suited to League of Legends Dominion Map (and which should be avoided)?

I’m not regularly playing League of Legends as a pre-made team and was wondering which champions are more suited to playing the Dominion map.

Obviously it depends a bit on what other champions have been selected for the team and your playing style but there is likely a number of champions which are more capable on this map than others…


Riot games have put a special effort into having balanced champions for this game style as well. I don’t believe there are any champions to avoid. However, the team composition changes a bit.

AP Carry

You will still need one, or else the other team will just build against AD and will own you as soon as they are a bit stuffed.

Tank / Off Tank

King in solo holding the bot lane, also very good in “tower diving” (if we can still call it so in Dominion).

Melee Fighters

They tend to be the heroes everyone picks as they are sort of kings on this map. They deal quite some damage and have high sustainability (so they don’t need to Back often), and are often very good in 1v1 (which happens pretty often in Dominion).

Ranged AD Carry

More than one is too much, but not having one (to have more fighters) is a handicap. He deals crazy damage and can attack out of tower range or defend minion waves without exposing himself in front of the tower. From the games I’ve played or seen, having only melee champs is clearly a handicap.


I rarely see them in Dominion and believe they are overlooked. Each time I’ve had one on my team, it was awesome to hold the windmill (we never had to back, support would always buff/heal us).
However, having a support requires good team play, because the champion won’t do anything on its own (compared to fighters).


As XP gain is so fast in Dominion, teams are usually built with mid/late game champions. Riot tried to correct this in a previous patch by lowering the XP gain aura on the map, however, you still get to level 6 tremendously fast, so don’t hesitate in taking weak early game champs (like Kassadin, useless before level 6).

Try having a hero or 2 (at least) with high mobility (Rammus, Kassadin, Nocturne, Twisted Fate, etc.) to do lane swaps and be unpredictable in your tower attacks.


All heroes are viable. It all depends on the team composition.

Good Akali, Irelia and Xin Zhao champions can however be freaking awesome with their ganking abilities and life steal.

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