Which children can the player character kill in Fallout 3?

In Fallout 3, most children (not adolescents/teens) are made unkillable in the game. Aside from modding the game or artificially ageing them with the console, which can you kill anyway?

I know of two in the main game:

You can kill Harden Simms and Maggie – they both die when you nuke Megaton.

Are there any others? What about the DLCs/expansions?


No children can be directly killed in Fallout 3.

I don’t recall if there are children in Tenpenny Tower, but if you release the ghouls there, all the tower’s inhabitants will be killed.

The evil resolution at the end of Take it Back!

will kill all Capital Wastelanders in the long term, aside from those who were born on vaults.

You can also enslave children at the end of Those! and on Little Lamplight.

At the Brotherhood of Steel Citadel, there’s Arthur Maxson, who

will probably be killed if you choose to blow up the Citadel at the end of Who Dares Wins (in the Broken Steel add-on)

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Source : Link , Question Author : Martin Sojka , Answer Author : Wilerson

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