Which classes and what moves allow for higher jumping than normal?

For Team Fortress 2, which classes and what moves/weapon loadouts/ allow for higher jumping? I know of the most basic, rocket jumping, but can other classes do something similar?


  • Scout:
    • Double Jump (default)
    • Atomizer Triple Jump. The damage from this can be negated by Bonk! Atomic Punch. Holding the Winger out increases jump height
    • Force-A-Nature Quadruple Jump
    • Bonk! Jump (use the recoil from an enemy’s sentry)
    • Boston Basher/Three-Runed Blade Jump (hit yourself in mid-air)
    • Jumping with the Winger (allows for higher jumps)
  • Soldier

    • Rocket Jump (jump, hit CTRL to crouch, and fire a rocket at your feet in that order really fast)

      Use the Market Gardner along with the Rocket Jumper (the penalty that made you take double damage has been removed) to oneshot enemies and suprise foes!

  • Demoman

    • Stickybomb Jump (fire a sticky at your feet and detonate it. Because of the high damage output of a stickybomb this can do a lot of damage. You can use the Stickyjumper to negate this.
    • Grenade Jump (fire a grenade and run on top of it before it explodes. This is difficult to do)
    • Chargin’ Targe/Splendid Screen Jump (run at a ramp like the rock formation right outside BLU’s spawn in cp_degroot and charge towards it. When you start your crouch hit CTRL to go further. This is a bit difficult to learn but it is very useful to kill archers/snipers on the battlements)
    • Loose Cannon Jumping (similar to rocket jumping, but holding down the Loose Cannon’s fuse to propel yourself in the air)
  • Engineer

    • Sentry Jump (fire rockets at your feet with the wrangler in the same motion as a soldier’s rocket jump)

      Be careful with this, as I don’t think engineers have self-damage resistance (unlike soldiers/demomen) and a rocket does very high damage. This can be used to reach points previously unavailable to you and suprise enemies. One example of this is on cp_gorge. At the first control point you can sentry jump onto BLU’s second spawn.

    • Mini-sentry Jump (use the minisentry with the wrangler to propel yourself up).

      This can also be done with a regular sentry gun, however, the minisentry has a higher rate of fire and does less damage.

  • Pyro
    • Reflect a projecticle at your feet to preform a rocket jump
    • Detonator/Scorch Shot jump (fire a flare at your feet)
  • Medic

    • If the soldier/demoman you are healing does a rocket/stickyjump and you are equipped with the Quickfix you will also be launched upward as well with equal force in the same direction as the patient.
  • All Classes

    • Pumpkin Jump. On Halloween event maps (specifically koth_harvest_event, cp_manor_event, koth_viaduct_event, and koth_lakeside_event), Pumpkin Bombs can be exploded to preform a (highly-self-damaging) rocket jump.
    • Enemy-Assisted Jump. Soldiers shooting rockets at your feet, demomen exploding bombs at your feet, pyros airblasting you, Sentry Gun knockback, can all be used to propell you in the air.
    • Jump Upgrade. Only on MvM missions, and upgradable with credits through the Upgrade Station

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