Which NPCs share my love of eating dead NPCs?

After butchering a couple dozen Raiders, my health was low & I started working up quite the appetite. So naturally, I decided to eat a few of the Raiders. However, my companion did not share my enthusiasm and very pretty disgusted by it.

Later that day, I saw one of my settlers get brutally murdered by a deathclaw. Since food is scarce in the wasteland, I decided to finish off what the deathclaw started (clearly, deathclaws are nature’s quitters). However, the surviving settlers immediately turned hostile and I was forced to eat all of them too.

I’m noticing there is quite the social stigma associated with cannibalism. That being said, I was wondering are there any NPCs that don’t mind if I eat a person every now and then?


Strong not only doesn’t mind the Sole Survior feasting on the flesh of his/her enemies, but approves. And Dogmeat, of course, loves you anyway.

In general, humans and ghouls are disgusted, and robots and synths don’t care either way.

Source : Link , Question Author : Dom , Answer Author : Dallium

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