Which stats / gear can get the best our of wasteland exploration?

Trying to get the best out of wasteland exploration here! I get it that you’d obviously need a big gun for survival out there, but apart from that, I’m wondering which stats / gear can get the best out of exploration.

  1. How would you choose who to send out exploring from your dwellers.
    Which stat is the most important to choose explorers? Strength or
    endurance maybe?
  2. Does it make much of a difference equipping combat outfits? If so,
    whats the most important stat to boost through outfits?


I have good experience in sending out a dweller with high S and high E stats. An outfit which pushes those values further or an outfit which will add A/L would help too.

As I noticed in my own game, people with a higher L stat often come back with more corks and more/better items. S and E will help your dweller to fight against bigger enemies.

And yes, as you already stated… a very big gun would be beneficial. 😉
But if your dweller find a better thing on it’s own – he will always equip it itself.

Another good thing are stimpacks and rad-away. I often gave them many on the road. This way they can survive for many hours. The longer the exploration – the better the loot.

I hope this helps you. 🙂

Source : Link , Question Author : Madhu , Answer Author : Ionic

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