Which traders have the most caps available?

So I have managed to ‘acquire’ a large quantity of chems, and I would like to sell them to fund my other various hobbies.

It seems that most of the traders I encounter only have around 265 caps available to trade with. Which makes offloading large quantities of goods a pain as they can rarely deal with a large transaction.

So which traders have the most caps available? How often do traders caps supply update or regenerate if indeed at all.

Here is a question related to cap regeneration.


While they require an initial investment and the Cap Collector and Local Leader rank 2 to build, the shops you can build at your settlements have quite a lot of caps (between 700-800 for both the level 3 Clinic and level 3 Weapon shop, I assume the other level 3 shops to carry a similar amount.)

The rank 3 of cap collector also allows you to invest 500 caps in a shop once to increase it’s buying capacity.

These methods are both reliant on the Cap Collector perks however.

Source : Link , Question Author : David Yell , Answer Author : CoqPwner

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