Who is the dead man in the lighthouse?

About 4 minutes into the game, you see a dead man in the lighthouse with a sign hanging around his neck saying “Don’t disappoint us”.

Who is he?


I think I got the answer, and if you think about it, it’s quite straightforward. It isn’t Booker, or any metaphysical representation of his psyche.

The lighthouse serves as an entrance to Columbia, and as we see at the beginning of the game, used by pilgrims and newcomers that have been accepted into the city. Such a place would have a keeper, a guardian. There are religious motifs all over the place, because as any good Columbian, he’d be a believer. There are charts in the lighthouse that show where the city is going to be depending on the time of the year, and the pattern it follows.

And to activate the chair that ejects you into the city, you need a password, the bell combination, that only said lighthouse guardian would know. Now, in the Lutece labs, you find a picture of the lighthouse with a red circle marked around it and the words “ONLY ONE OBSTACLE” next to it. Their plan was to send Booker through the lighthouse, and the only obstacle was the man guarding it himself.

So that’s it. The Lutece have shown to be quite cold in their behavior and not care much about other people’s lives when they get between them and their experiments. Maybe they didn’t do the deed themselves, they might’ve just hired another nameless thug to do the dirty job.

But basically: It’s nobody but the Lighthouse keeper, who’s been tortured and murdered in order to get the means for Booker to get into the city. They might’ve left the “Don’t dissapoint us” message to add color or feed him the idea that he’s working for some shady criminal organization.

Source : Link , Question Author : Outlier , Answer Author : Answergaming

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