Who sends the “Letter from Friend”?

Who sends the letters in Skyrim through courier as Letter from Friend, locating new shouts?

You caused a bit of stir in <Location> when you demonstrated the power
of your Thu’um. Not everyone is anxious for the return of the

I for one desire to see you grow and develop your talents. Skyrim
needs a true hero these days.

You should turn your attention to <Location>. I understand it holds a
mysterious source of power that can only be unlocked by the


A Friend

How does he know that I am Dragonborn?


He is a plot device. It is never explained who “A Friend” might be.

As for how he knows you’re Dragonborn, well, it’s not every day that you see somebody FUS RO DAH’ing left and right and absorbing dragon souls…

Source : Link , Question Author : atenz , Answer Author : Joe the Person

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