Who’s in charge? I want to fart on some authority figures to speak truth to power

Working on rounding out my accumulation of achievements, it seems that I may have been insufficiently diligent in my quest to fart on everyone in South Park. I say this because I’ve finished the game, but have not earned the Truth to Power achievement.

I’m not sure who I’m supposed to fart on for this achievement, because I’ve not earned it and I just did a loop, farting on all of the members of the PTA and school staff, Officer Barbrady, the Mayor, Wendy, Jesus, the Mountie guarding the border, Ike, the Prince of Canada, the Earl of Winnipeg, the Bishop of Banff, and the Duke of Vancouver. I even farted on Kyle and Cartman at their respective seats of power.

I am running out of people in positions of power to fart on. I’ve already resorted to several rather precarious leaps of logic without success.


The 4 people you have to fart on are:

  1. Mayor of South Park. (Located in her office)
  2. Father Maxi. (Located on a bench outside of the Mayor Office)
  3. Principal Victoria. (Located in the community center)
  4. Minister of Montreal (Locked in a cave in Cananda. You need to fart on him before talking to him or he disappears forever).

This achievement might be glitchy. I for sure had farted on everyone, but after farting on the Minister of Montreal, I had to take another round of farting on the South Park Officials. I had the achievement unlock after using the ‘cup a spell’ fart on everyone.

Source : Link , Question Author : LessPop_MoreFizz , Answer Author : Colin D

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