Why am I not eligible for the quest The Freightskippers?

I have been questing with my Wife in SWTOR. We are both Republic. She is playing a Smuggler and I am a Trooper. We are both level 14. She is eligible for The Freightskippers from Agent Nurls Yorksin on Coruscant. According to Torhead I, as a Trooper, should be eligible for the quest as well but it isn’t letting me accept it (and it cannot be shared). The in game error message just says I am not eligible. I am pretty sure that the only quests that we have done differently are the class quests. Did I miss a prerequisite quest somehow? Torhead doesn’t list any. Or is this a bug (and should I submit a ticket)?


I was able to get the quest finally. My HerpDerp moment was that my wife’s Class Quest from the Old Market Guild was turned in at the Dealer’s Den Cantina in the Old Galatic Market, while my Class Quest (Destroying the War Droids) was turned in at the Senate Tower. That meant that she was already on the new Class Quest to go to the Black Sun Territory and I wasn’t, which is why the side quest for the Black Sun Territory wasn’t available to me. We found Agent Nurls Yorksin on the way back to the Senate Tower.

Once I turned in my class quest and walked back down there the quest was available to me too. So there is a prerequisite quest for The Freightskippers and that is that you must be on your Class Quest for the Black Sun Territory, which in my case is called The Black Sun’s Poison.

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