Why am I seeing serious Wiimote latency on Donkey Kong Country Returns?

I am rewriting this question from scratch because I feel that I need to be clear and concise.

When I play Donkey Kong Country Returns on my Wii, I experience controller lag during the gameplay. There seems to be a very consistent .1 to .2 second delay between when I press the ‘jump’ button on the controller and when Donkey Kong jumps.

I don’t know what is causing this. The controls seem to be much more responsive in navigating the on-screen menus, but perhaps it’s just perception.

I really wanted to enjoy this game, but every time I’ve tried to play, I get so irritated with the controls. I just listed it for sale on eBay. However, I imagine that perhaps Nintendo thought that a small amount of lag wouldn’t be noticed by most players.

Can anyone tell me if this controller lag is just part of the game, or is there something wrong with the way my Wii is set up?


The wii’s controls are laggy in most games. If you go and play COD on a PC then go back to a wii you’ll see it. You hit a button and a slight moment later it responds. Theres lag with all wireless controllers though, and Nintendo needed to have a wired option. Me and my friends tried doing a Super Mario Bros. 1 competition but we all were baffled when we tried doing some fast maneuvering, we all noticed the lag bad. We hit jump and almost .4-.5 sec later mario jumped. We couldnt compensate so we gave up. If you dont notice lag then you need to play on a different system. I wonder if the gamecube controllers would work in these games even though nintendo does not list them as compatible with the game? Also – game mode on your TV only adjusts colors and contrast.

Source : Link , Question Author : Vivian River , Answer Author : Morky

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