Why am I trying to kill people with a defibrilator?

From time to time, especially when a teammate dies in my immediate proximity, my soldier decides to equip his defibrilator without my say-so. Often, this results in death, as the offender – the one who killed my mate – is still around and shooting at me, while I’m trying to “shoot” him with a defibrilator in hand.

What kind of feature is this, and how do I turn it off?
Obviously, I can’t revive a friend when I’m dying, and he wouldn’t want to be revived just to die again either.


There is this feature that if you press the use key on a revivable body, you will switch to defib, to a basic revive, and switch back to your weapon again.

Maybe its that? I’m looking for a better source on this, so maybe it can be deactivated.

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From the Battlelog forum:

If you press the use button, which is also reload button, over a downed teammate it will defib them and then switch back to weapon

Source : Link , Question Author : Nolonar , Answer Author : Sentry

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