Why are Fallout’s computers so backwards?

The games are set in the future right? Circa 2077. But the terminals look like the computers back in the 1950’s. When we actually had to type commands to get things done. Why is this? Im assuming it has something to do with the atom?


The world of Fallout has had a Divergence from our world somewhere after WW2. Where we went on big in computers and invented the transistor in 1947 (an essential component for making small computers), the world of Fallout didn’t invent it until 2067, instead focusing on things like nuclear power, laser rifles and giant death robots.

Note: I did not write the Fallout universe lore. There are obviously some inconsistencies and/or plotholes in the universe, but I’m just reporting the information I found on the wiki. What appeared to have happened is that they never got into the miniaturization drive we pushed for with computing, but they kept increasing the performance of the components.

Source : Link , Question Author : GipsyD , Answer Author : Nzall

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