Why are there cows on my spaceship?

When returning to my reliable Unreliable, I went to go tinker on some weaponry and was greeted with this sight:


This is actually the second time this has happened and I went in and out of my ship at least a dozen times over the next 6 hours, but never saw these Wooly Cows again, nor could I find any trace of them anywhere on my ship. I’m incredibly baffled and have no idea where these are coming from nor why this is happening… what is going on?


This is an easter egg referencing the sci-fi show Firefly. This area can randomly show crew interacting with each other and one of these random scenes is the cows that reference Firefly.

As you play through The Outer Worlds you will be running into more Firefly references, it’s likely that the show served as inspiration to the creators in the game.

Screenshot from the Firefly TV show featuring the cow scene:
firefly cows

And here’s the clip from the show:

(starts at 39 seconds)

Source : Link , Question Author : Vemonus , Answer Author : Xenox

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