Why aren’t any main story missions showing up anymore?

After doing the “Surveying the score” mission on GTA5 it appears that I cannot progress any farther into the story. No markers for main missions are on the map for any character, but I still have access to things like Strangers and Freaks, street races and such.

So it has been a long time since this happened and I still am not sure if this got some kinda fix or not? I tried playing GTA5 again after not playing it for a very long time because this glitch annoyed me so much, downloaded three patches, and have noticed nothing. Should I just give up on this save file at this point?


You need to complete 3 missions of Strangers in order to unlock the next main mission. The next mission is called Stingers.

If you have done more than three then you are experiencing a bug that other people are experiencing.

Source : Link , Question Author : Dahbestguy , Answer Author : Young Guilo

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