Why can’t I access the pouch?

For some reason I cannot access my pouch. I’m about half way through the game, and for some reason the - button will not respond while I’m in game play. It’s not the button/controller, the - works off screen when checking my gear. My son was viewing the pouch just before he noticed he could no longer use it. Did he disable something or is it a glitch? I can’t use the shield or potions!


This happens if the Cursed Medal is in your adventure pouch. When in your pouch, the Cursed Medal increases the frequency of hearts and rupees, but it doesn’t allow you to open, or equip items from, your adventure pouch.

The Cursed Medal gets in your pouch unexpectedly if you have an empty spot in your pouch when you receive the Medal from Batreaux. I had this happen to me.

To get it out of your pouch, you’ll need to drop it at the item check, which is in the Skyloft Bazaar.

Source : Link , Question Author : pumzilla , Answer Author : splattered bits

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