Why can’t I capture a city with ranged units? [duplicate]

I surrounded Belgrade with crossbowman and unleashed fire every turn. Its health was near nothing, but my attempts to damage the city’s defenses froze or something. When it says ‘-1’ or ‘-3’ usually, it now says nothing, yet I still fire (the whole fire-bolt animation).

I am fairly new at any Civ game, I bought it yesterday. Am I missing something? Why can’t I capture the city?


In Civilization V, only melee units can take over a city. Ranged units are important in allowing you to reduce the city health without taking damage in return, but the final attack must be made by a melee unit. (Regarding the missing damage indicator, once a city is down to minimum health, further ranged attacks do not do any damage.)

So, send in a Warrior / Horseman, or whatever you have at the technology level you are at.

Source : Link , Question Author : Wulfinite , Answer Author : OrangeDog

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