Why can’t I connect to Pokemon Go via mobile data?

It connects to Pokemon Go via wi-fi perfectly fine, but when I try and connect to Pokemon Go via 3G it just gets stuck at the first bar on the loading screen with the eventual pop up saying “Failed to get player information from the server.” My 3G connection works perfectly fine with every other app I have, and has been easily able to stream HD videos so I can’t see connectivity with 3G being an issue.

It makes even less sense as once connected via wi-fi, the game easily continues to operate via mobile data once I leave the house. However once the app crashes (which it usually does after 15-30 minutes) I try to reload it on mobile data and it gets stuck on the loading screen. If I can find a local free wi-fi spot nearby I can re-connect easily, and then move back onto mobile data.

I’ve tried removing and reinstalling Pokemon Go and that didn’t work. I also reset all my app preferences on my phone and that didn’t work.

Not sure if this helps, my phone is a Huawei P8, Android version 5.0.1. I signed up to Pokemon Go using my Google account.


Try creating a new account using Pokemon Trainer Club.

There seems to be a routing problem for the google login servers affecting only a small unknown set of people.
Although this means you will have to start anew, the game is more fun if you can just walk freely without having do some weird WLAN hopping.

Source : Link , Question Author : J. Bruce , Answer Author : Steve Meyer

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