Why did I not get achievement for completing the mission?

I just completed the mission Fire in the sky, why did I not receive the achievement for doing this?

Screenshot of the Victory! screen for Fire in the Sky - Hard; shows the hover for the "Fire in the Sky" achievement:  'Complete the "Fire in the Sky" mission in the Heart of the Swarm campaign.'; the achievement is grayed out


If you lose your connection to battle.net for more than a minute or so, Achievements are automatically disabled, and do not get re-enabled for the duration of the mission, even if you subsequently reconnect.

There is a pop-up on-screen that mentions this, but it’s easily missed, especially if you are in the middle of directing a pitched fight.

If you have a save near the end of the mission, you can try reloading it, though there’s no in-game way to check whether or not achievements have been disabled for the current map. A more provable solution would be to replay the mission from the start. Even if your internet is fine and dandy, it’s not impossible Blizzard has been experiencing some launch-day network hiccups.

Another alternative (that I don’t think applies to your case) is that you used some of the single-player cheat codes, which will also permanently disable achievements for the current campaign.

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