Why do console games require a button press before showing the main menu? [closed]

I am strictly a PC gamer myself, but I noticed a strange thing. When you start every released-for-console game, like Mass Effect or Borderlands, they ask you to press Enter (or any key, etc.) after the initial load, and only after pressing it do you get to see the main menu. PC-only games load the main menu immediately.

What’s the reason behind this? I assume it must have something to do with the way consoles work, but what purpose does this extra button-press serve?


I asked a friend who does certification for console games for a major studio (certification is the process to get it approved to be released on the console by the vendor). He said there’s a requirement that the game must have some interaction with the user after a set time period, even if the game isn’t fully loaded yet. The “Press Start” or what have you is to meet that requirement: the game only has to load that far within the time limit then the user can say when they’re ready to load the rest of it.

There’s also some conventions involved. Some games if left to sit on that screen have a video they can show, and some games will simply wait for input to figure out which controller is the one to let set things up (though other ones just require controller 1 to do that).

Source : Link , Question Author : Sejanus , Answer Author : Tridus

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