Why do I need Luck and Endurance? [duplicate]

I currently don’t have rooms that would need those two skills (I have just opened Classroom), so why do I need dwellers with those skills?


Luck gets you caps and rushing capabilities!! No joke, its what the chance of getting caps when you gather resources from a room is based on. It also states it has a direct impact on chance of failure when you rush a room. UPDATE Luck definitely has an impact on what you find out in the wasteland. I had one high and one low luck person go out on around 24hr wanderings. The one with high luck clearly had the better gear. They also ran into the better gear much more quickly than the guy with low luck.

Endurance is your health/ability to take damage. Makes you more stout when you get raided and such as well as while out exploring. It is also used in the final room, the Nuka Cola bottling factory, which gives food and water.

Source : Link , Question Author : Vlad Frunze , Answer Author : Community

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