Why do my dwarves climb trees?

My base started on a mountain. I dismantled the wagon and made a large meeting area on two cliffs below. However it seems like that my units like to climb trees. In fact, one of my miners was found stuck in a tree rather than digging but eventually went down. I’ve searched dwarffortresswiki but only came across Adventure Mode. Is this a feature?



Climbing trees is meant to be a feature if your dwarfs can’t get to their objective any other way. However, their aggressiveness in climbing up a tree and refusing to come down is a known bug. Often changing their labors around temporarily, or temporarily giving another dwarf the job they refuse to do, is enough to snap them back to reality. Sometimes they’re stuck up there forever. This is DWARF FORTRESS!

Source : Link , Question Author : Community , Answer Author : Paul Z

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