Why does steam keep asking if I’m over 18?

Steam Age Gate

Every time I open steam and try and view a game that is rated M (or equivalent rating), the Steam age gate always asks me for my birthday before I can continue. At least the birthday is pre-filled out, but it seems like it should just let me past. Does everyone get this, or is it just me? And how can I make it stop doing that and just remember that I am allowed to see mature content because I’m a grown up person… at least in years


It’s definitely by design. From this topic:

Tito Shivan (Steam moderator):
As mentioned, the client does save the age. And whether it’s saved or not, they won’t disable the step of having to click and accept before entering the game page. It’s a feature to remove any responsibility from Valve in case anyone not meant to visits the page (hence lying about their age)
It’s a way to avoid stupid lawsuits.

The thread also mentions law texts excerpts that may help to understand. For example:

2.2 If the audio-visual content contains material from a Mature-rated or Adults
Only-rated game (or one that is anticipated to receive either rating), display
an ESRB-compliant age-gate prior to access or purchase.

You can now skip that validation step entirely:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : LoveAndCoding , Answer Author : Anto

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