Why does the car I’m currently driving spawn a lot more?

Whenever I steal and drive a particular car, that car suddenly starts to spawn a LOT more. To the point where it becomes ridiculous sometimes (e.g. Infernuses spawning non-stop) just because I’m driving one.

This happens to any car I find in the street, except special cars like police/ambulances/fire trucks.

Is this normal? I’m playing on an older PS3.

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According to this thread

The problem lies in the loading and unloading of vehicle models.
Apparently, each vehicle is so detailed that the system can only
afford to have a small number of models on tap. This “reserve” of
models changes based on your vehicle, location, and time. Vehicle
models are also loaded and unloaded each time the view is panned or
changed. If you ever notice looking down and empty street… Turn
around, turn back around, and now that street is full of cars within
seconds. That’s just the games mechanics coupled with limitations of
the consoles. So when you steal a car you can pretty much always
expect to see your ride becoming very popular on the roadways.

Though it does refer this problem to console versions.
They could implement this workaround on PCs as well for low-grade PCs to run the game, but this is just speculation.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nick , Answer Author : AntiDrondert

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