Why is camping considered bad gameplay?

Why is camping generally looked down on in FPS/TPS games?
Some classes come equipped with long range guns that are nearly impossible to aim without stopping and aiming down the scope to spot an enemy (i.e. you wouldn’t have a sniper class blindly running and shooting).


Put simply, camping isn’t fun to play against.

Camping is a fairly simple, effective strategy when the game allows such a mechanic. It doesn’t necessarily require a lot of skill to put a lot of pain on the other team when camping. People get frustrated and hurl insults when they’re losing, especially to such a tactic that requires “so little skill” to pull off.

Another argument is that camping isn’t fun to do, either, although this one is a bit flawed. Camping certainly is fun when it nets your team the win, because winning is fun. A better way to phrase it is that camping shouldn’t be what’s fun, because in theory the game should have more rewarding gameplay elsewhere. Direct engagement should be the most fun thing in a game, according to these people, and if you’re camping you’re “doing it wrong”.

Snipers kind of have to camp; that’s the basic gameplay of the class. It’s frustrating to play against, so people rage out about it. Generally, though, even the best sniper can be taken out with just a little teamwork. Camping is a strategy, and like any strategy in a game, there are countermeasures that can be taken against it.

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