Why is my World Completion at 99% with 300/303 hearts?

I just finished World Completion and got my 2 Gifts of Exploration. However, the “Been There, Done That” achievement is at 99/100 and my World Completion percentage is at 99% with 300/303 Renown Hearts completed. What am I missing, here?

World Completion 99%

Been There, Done That 99/100


With the September 2014 Feature Pack, 3 new Renown Hearts were added (though, not mentioned in the patch notes). If you have previously completed the zones that the Renown Hearts were added to, then you will still be able to receive your Gifts of Exploration upon map completion. However, the full world map will still be technically incomplete.

You can find the new Renown Hearts in Caledon Forest and Plains of Ashford. The hearts are close to the entrances of their nearest city, meaning that the new Renown Hearts in Caledon Forest are near the entrance to The Grove and the new Renown Hearts in Plains of Ashford are near the entrance to Black Citadel. The hearts will not be visible on the map until you speak to the Scout near the entrance of the city you are coming from, even though you’ve already explored this area.

Caledon Forest

Caledon Forest's new Renown Heart

Plains of Ashford

Plains of Ashford's new Renown Hearts

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