Why would I choose a Palladium Drill over a Palladium Pickaxe?

I recently entered hardmode with my new character, and I am being faced with two choices: the Palladium Pickaxe and Palladium Drill. I remember that before 1.2, there were only drills, not pickaxes, for the hardmode-tier mining tools.

After comparing them, I have found that the pickaxe has 5 knockback, and drill has 0. Other than that, they are identical. So, why would I choose a Drill? If the only difference is the knockback, there doesn’t seem to be a good reason to get the Drill over the Pickaxe. Or am I missing something?

note: the wiki says the pickaxe can’t mine Adamantite and Titanium, but that appears to be wrong; they both have 130% pickaxe power. Also, in-game, they actually have the same tooltip, so the wiki’s wrong.


The wiki has this to say about drills and the latest updates:


  • 1.2: Drills are no longer material. Each drill now has a pickaxe equivalent, for those who don’t like drills.

Source : Link , Question Author : Doorknob , Answer Author : kiri

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