Why would I ever want to make cookies? [closed]

When I can make bread for practically the same amount of wheat?

Minecraft 1.4 is out now, which includes Cookies. 2 wheat and the extremely rare cocoa beans makes a stack of 8 cookies, healing .5 hearts each.

On the other hand, 3 wheat produces one bread that heals 2.5 hearts. Given that a stack of cookies heals less than a stack of bread, why would I ever want to bake cookies in the first place, especially given the extremely limited quality of cocoa beans (I’ve found a grand total of one dungeon so far).

Heck, if cows are around, I can even turn the 3 wheat for bread into a cake, which has an even greater total health recovery over cookies.

So what’s the point of cookies at all?


Well, .5 * 8 = 4, so that’s more than the 2.5 hearts from wheat. Of course, if you used the same amount of wheat, 6, then that’d be 12 for the cookies, and 5 for the bread. Also, sometimes it can be advantageous to not use all of your life giving at once, which bread does.

Source : Link , Question Author : Raven Dreamer , Answer Author : PearsonArtPhoto

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